Major Causes of Water Pollution

Water is the most precious resource nature has gifted. And we have exploited this natural resource to a level where water pollution has become inevitable. Our lakes, rivers, reservoirs are being contaminated with toxic chemicals and non-biodegradable plastics which can jeopardize the marine life cycle. The burgeoning water crisis is putting the lives at stake. And unclean water claims more lives than war or any other form of violence.

The waste from the dangerous chemicals which are used in manufacturing industries goes directly to lakes, ponds, and rivers and are left untreated to remove harmful toxins that not only taint the water quality but also jeopardize the aquatic life cycle.

 People living in the most deplorable conditions have no option but to drink this untreated water which makes them vulnerable to severe waterborne diseases.

The article points out the major reasons for water pollution

Use of Pesticides and Chemical Fertilizers

Farmers use chemical fertilizers and pesticides to keep the crops protected from the bacteria and pests. However, when it rains the chemicals mix up with the rainwater and flow down into lakes, rivers, and ponds, thus, endangering the lives of aquatic species.

Impact of Global Warming

The greenhouse gas effect can lead to an increase in the earth’s temperature which causes global warming. This increases the water temperature and causes the death of marine species and aquatic animals, which in turn causes water pollution.

Lack of proper Industrial waste management treatment

Many industries lack a proper waste management system and drain the toxic waste in the fresh water which flows into rivers, canals, and later into the sea. The harmful chemicals are potent to change the color of water, increase the number of minerals, also known as eutrophication, change the temperature of the water, and pose a serious threat to aquatic habitat.

Ocean Dumping

The household waste such as plastic, paper, aluminum, glass, and food is dumped into the sea in many countries. These waste products take years to decompose. Meanwhile, polluting the marine life cycle and resulting in the deaths of aquatic species.

Oil Leakage

An accidental oil spill is a grave issue as oil is insoluble in water and when entered into the sea it poses a great danger to the fishes. Oil spills can contaminate the marine food supply. A mammal that feeds on food exposed to oil spill dies due to poisoning or other problems caused by the same.