Importance of Being Hydrated Even During Winter

It is very difficult to find whether a person is being hydrated during winter season because the body doesn’t sweat much. But to keep our body organs function properly, drinking water is very important during winter. It is a challenge in winter to identify the mood swings and inadequate sleep which happens due to dehydration in the body. Difficulty in concentration, poor memory, bad mood are found in people who doesn’t take adequate water during winter season. The absence of physical activities during winter season are also one of the main reasons for dehydration. To maintain the temperature balance in the body, it is very important to drink sufficient water during winter or summer. Including fruits and vegetables in our daily routine boost the immune system and fights off infection caused during these seasons. Drinking sufficient water ensures proper delivery of nutrients to the body cells and keeps us healthy. Kidney excretes more urine in winter so the definite amount of water which is needed by other organs for proper working may not be sufficient, which may cause variation in blood pressure and stiffness in arteries. It becomes very important to avoid the consumption of sodium. Smoking also causes dehydration in both winter and summer. Pregnant women are more vulnerable to dehydration during winter seasons. For men, at least twelve glasses of water is mandatory and minimum eight glasses of water are recommended in daily life for women. During winter, our body needs more energy to maintain the water level so that it can function properly.