Why Purified Drinking Water Should be Given to Children

Water is an essential part of our daily life. Like adults, children also need to be well hydrated throughout the day. Therefore, parents should monitor and ensure that their child’s daily consumption of water is sufficiently met. At the same time, they need to be cautious that the water being consumed by the child is pure and 100% safe.

Here are some of the benefits that children get by drinking purified water:

Supplies Nourishment

As children grow, they become more active and require higher amounts of nutrients to maintain healthy bodies. Water helps to regulate body temperature, increases metabolism, and revitalizes their bodies to carry on with physical activities.

Prevents Constipation

Constipation in children is a common problem. One of the major reasons for constipation is the lack of enough water in the body. It is therefore recommended for children to regularly drink water and eat plenty of fibre-rich food to facilitate normal bowel movement.

Keeps Them Hydrated and Energized

During various outdoor activities such as running, cycling, or playing, children tend to lose a lot of energy which also causes dehydration. Water energizes tired muscles, making them feel refreshed.

Improves Brain Functioning

Water is considered as the most important nutrient that keeps a mind strong, active, and alert. Drinking pure water increases the attention span among children and research suggests it helps improve their memory retention capacity.

Protects from Water-borne Diseases

Drinking pure water is not only vital for the physical and mental development of your child, but also protects them from many water-borne-diseases. Drinking safe and purified water safeguards them against diseases like cholera and Typhoid.

Hence, parents shall not only ensure their children are consuming water at regular intervals, but also supervise the quality of drinking water. So it is necessary to invest in a good water purifier that safeguards the health of your children.