Why drinking water makes your hair healthy

We all know that hair is dead cells, and that the living part of the hair is the hair follicle. As much as hair products help nourish the follicle, it also needs nourishment from within the body. This is why vitamin and mineral deficiencies can affect hair growth and induce hair loss. The hair, just like the body, needs to be hydrated to be healthy. Whether it’s for your body or hair, water does more than what your eyes can see. There are many benefits that your hair can get when you drink lots of water.
Here are some of them:

  • Water makes up a large part of our bodies. Well, this goes for hair too. Strands are about one fourth water. That means adequate hydration results in stronger, healthier hair.
  • Keeping hydration levels high makes skin feel soft, supple, and healthy. A hydrated scalp reduces hair fall, resulting in full, shiny looking hair.
  • Drinking plenty of water maintains healthy nerve endings in the scalp and keeps hair roots healthy, supporting hair growth.
  • Hydration makes for stronger hair. Strong, healthy hair is less likely to break or get limp and frizzy.
  • Dry hair tends to look straight, slack, and lifeless. Give some spring back to your mane by drinking up. Once you have your wave or curl back, don’t be afraid to rock your natural texture.
  • Water is highly nutritious and contains vital minerals that your body needs. Hence, drinking water is the easiest way to make sure your hair is getting all the nutrients it needs, every single day. Take a sip and that’s one box you can check off your regimen.
  • Nothing is more frustrating than a dry scalp – itching, dandruff are very unpleasant feelings. By drinking water, you will ease the itching and have your scalp feeling refreshed.
  • The water content in human hair is important for its growth and health. A study shows that the quality of the water you drink affects the hair quality as well. It shows that drinking water is the primary source for trace elements that affect hair.