Let’s Talk About Water

How We Use Water

Water is essential to our life. Without water, plants and animals would not be able to survive. Around 71% of earth is covered with water. This includes both saltwater and freshwater. Not all of earth’s water is easily available for use. 68.9% of earth’s water is found in ice caps and glaciers. 30.8% of fresh water is under earth surface.

How Much Should We Drink

Most of the people drink when they are thirsty, which helps regulate daily water intake. About 15 to 16 cups of water is each day for men and about 11 cups of water for women. It is commonly recommended that people drink 8 ounce of water per day. Drinking water helps to be active and it also gives freshness in the morning. Many people include 1 to 2 cups of water in their morning routine. It helps in proper bowel movement, hair growth and also enables clear skin. Our brains were strongly influenced by our hydration status. Always make sure that you drink plenty of pure drinking water to avoid dehydration.

Bottle Water Can Expire?

Majority of people use plastic water bottles for drinking water. But it’s not a good idea to drink water from a plastic bottle that may be way beyond its expiration date. Bottles are contained with chemicals and these plastic compounds can slowly accumulate in our body.

Here are some useful methods to add pure water into your daily routine for good health.

  • Carry a glass or steel water bottle
  • Keep track of your intake
  • Set an alarm to drink water.
  • Purified water is usually a good option since the purification process removes chemicals from the water. Purified water is much safer and will reduce exposure to certain contaminants that can be found in tap water. It is a mechanical filtration process to remove impurities and enables adequacy for daily consumption.