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Need For Pure Water
There is a surprising connection between the quality of our water and healthful longevity. There are many health benefits of increasing the amount and...
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Model: CPRO-75N

5-STAGE RO (Double O-ring white housing)
1st: 10" 1 micron Polypropylene sediment filter
2nd: 10" 5 micron GAC filter
3rd: 10" CTO carbon block filter
4th: Filmtec RO Membrane 75GPD made in USA by DOW chemicals
5th: In-line GAC post filter
Micro processor controlled Auto Flushing system
Chrome plated faucet plus Built in water dispenser
Storage Tank 12 liters (3.2 Gallons)
Vertical Glycerin filled 10kg pressure gauge
Solenoid Valve 2 pcs
Diaphragm type Booster Pump 24VDC, 240 V/50 Hz
High & Low pressure switches
Flow restrictor
Accessories & Installation kit
Free installation
Free filter changes every 4 months for 2 years
2 Years full replacement warranty

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