Top 10 Nations with the Best Water Quality

Drinking clean water is a basic need for all species. But today it is a luxury that comes with conservation (not money). We are advancing our technology for a better future. While leaving behind the idea of conserving the natural resources, that will lead to a sustainable future. Our natural resources are draining off and many nations are hit with water scarcity. Nevertheless, few countries maintain the status of having the cleanest water.

10. Denmark
A reason why it is regarded as one of the happiest countries in the world.! Without any hesitation, you can drink the tap water served by the restaurants in Denmark.


9. Sweden

Bit salty but bacteria-free! That’s how Sweden’s water quality can be best defined. The reason for the saltiness in taste is due to the abundance of healthy minerals. What else you need?


8. New Zealand
Water is as beautiful as the place itself. Travelers are safe to drink the spotless glacier water. So is the tap water at home.


7. Austria
A country that already boasts of idyllic locations also has one of the finest water in the world. The Austrian water act by the Austrian government is a strict measure to protect the water resources without fail. And the water is tested regularly to ensure its quality.


6. Singapore
Usually big cities and freshwater quality don’t go hand in hand. Yet Singapore is an exception. Marked as one of the greenest countries in the world, Singapore maintains sustainable and healthy drinking water.


5. Iceland
The water here is so clean that people are confident to drink it from the river, lakes, and streams. Iceland’s water is usually filtered and purified through lava before it reaches the household. Therefore you won’t experience the slightest taste of chloride, unlike many other household water supplies.
4. Latvia
Exquisite beaches and hygienic water supply are the major facets of Latvia. The water quality is regularly tested to keep up it’s standard.

3. Norway
Apart from the best air quality, Norway is also known for its freshwater quality. The tap water is pristine and safe to drink. The water is regularly filtered and treated to ensure it’s safety.
2. Switzerland
Switzerland is home to the untainted and safe drinking water. A clean lifestyle standard does attribute to the country’s pristine water supply. The government takes the necessary steps to make sure that the country’s water quality won’t plummet whatsoever.
1. Canada
An efficient filtration system contributes to the country’s crystal clean drinking water. In between trying out new delicacies, have a taste of pure water from Canada’s own Moraine lake. Take it from us, you won’t regret it!