Five Reasons Why You Should Buy a Water Purifier

In the last few decades, if there is one kitchen appliance that has stayed in continuous demand after the microwave, it is the water purifier. It has to be said that the growing population, industrial development and environmental degradation have all made it difficult for us to drink directly from taps as it can cause many health problems. Thus, it has become essential to use a water purifier of good quality that ensures our drinking water is safe and pure. Its filtration process further helps to purify it, which makes it safe for drinking, improves the taste and prevents diseases. A good water purifier can remove or destroy many impurities and infections, some of them are given below:


The water supply that we generally receive in our houses contains chlorine and chloramine. These two chemicals are used to disinfect the liquid and are beneficial in removing the two microorganisms. However these substances are dangerous for health, as it can cause several problems like a bladder and rectal cancer if consumed in large quantities. Thus, by installing a technically advanced Ultraviolet (UV) water purifier with activated carbon destroys these hazardous chemicals and consequently makes water safe for consumption.

Pesticide and Chemicals

For a while, some industrial chemicals like heavy metals etc. are unsolvable in water. But, with headway in technology all across, these precarious elements shifted to modern organic pesticides that became indissoluble into the water supply. These synthetic particles can cause acute health effects such as chemical burns, nausea, convulsions and even cause chronic health problems. Hence, by installing a water purifier that uses a multi-stage filtration process by combining active carbon particles, these contaminations can be removed to make water safe for drinking.

Pathogen Removal

Diarrhea, hepatitis A, cholera, are infections caused by a host of bacterial, viral and parasitic mostly found in contaminated water. As these dangerous particles survive in the environment for many months and can easily blend in the source of regular drinking water, removing them through high-powered filtration is essential. 


For homes where the water comes without the lead service lines, the problem arises through the brass- or chrome-plated faucets.  In children, even a small amount of lead can damage the nervous system, cause learning disabilities, shorter stature, impaired hearing, and more. Whereas in adults, it can lead to cardiovascular diseases, increased blood pressure and decreased kidney function and even reproductive problems. Thus, possessing a good quality water purifier is considered the best method to reduce and remove lead from drinking water.


Fluoride is another object that can be found in the transparent consumable liquid. Though considered beneficial for oral health, excessive use of it can lead to some side effects such as cancer, gum disease, thyroid dysfunction and bone diseases.